Virginia Conservative Leaders Coalition Announces Its Veto Recommendations

A package of veto recommendations to safeguard Virginia’s future was delivered to Governor Glenn Youngkin from the Virginia Conservative Leaders Coalition.


RICHMOND, VIRGINIA – The package of bills, passed by the Democrat controlled House and Senate, is made up of legislation that is detrimental to election integrity, the education of our children, traditional family values and the economic freedom of Virginians.


In an effort to rush some bills to the Governor’s desk ahead of the 30 day veto period, thereby providing only a 7 window for the Governor to take action, Democrats appeared to make a pronouncement about the importance of those bills in their press conference on Monday. Regardless of the tactics and efforts at political gamesmanship, there are numerous bills that are bad for Virginians and are worthy of a strong veto by the Governor.


“Collaboration with our partner organizations provides supporters across Virginia with the information they need to understand what the General Assembly is doing that will impact their lives,” said Lynn Taylor, President of the Virginia Institute for Public Policy, Middle Resolution President Craig DiSesa and Derrick Max, President of the Thomas Jefferson Institute agreed. “It is important that the citizens of our Commonwealth are able to form opinions on a myriad of important issues and support our joint efforts to impact legislation that is headed to the Governor.”


Deb Giffin, speaking on behalf of the Virginia Tea Party Federation, added “it is vital that the Governor  hear our collective voices on the core issues that matter most to Virginians and affect our daily lives.” Finally, Victoria Cobb, President of The Family Foundation, stated “We are stronger when we work together on behalf of the tens of thousands of Virginians who understand the power of the pen during this critical veto period. We believe that Governor Youngkin will demonstrate strong leadership in this important moment.”




The Virginia Conservative Leadership Coalition is made up of Virginia-based organizations dedicated to public policy that support and advocate for the fundamental precepts of a free, civil society: individual freedom, economic opportunity, traditional family values and strong stances on the inherent safeguards needed for a constitutional democracy. The coalition is composed of the Virginia Institute for Public Policy, the Thomas Jefferson Institute, Middle Resolution PAC, Virginia Tea Party Federation, and The Family Foundation.


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