Virginia Fair Elections

Easy to Vote, Hard to Cheat.

The Virginia Fair Elections (VFE) Coalition consists of grassroots organizations and groups whose goal is to support free and fair elections in Virginia. As part of our efforts to restore trust in Virginia’s elections, we invite you to join us as a member of our coalition or by attending one of our election integrity workshops.

Thank you for supporting free and fair elections in Virginia!

Upcoming Election Details
The polls have closed!
Recent Workshops
Virginians begin voting on September 23.   We need 15,000 slots filled for election workers and poll watchers.  You will learn Virginia’s election laws and procedures, what to look for, how to make sure the laws are followed, and how to get signed up to make sure the election this fall is fair and honest. Developed by Dr. Clara Belle Wheeler, a senior fellow with the Virginia Institute for Public Policy and a former…
There are literally thousands of voter registration confirmations being returned to the General Registrars offices.  We need volunteers to help document the returned envelopes and what the GRs are doing about those.  We must make sure that the voter rolls for this fall’s election are not populated with phantom or illegal registrations. Taught by: Aimee David, Senior Fellow with the Virginia Institute for Public Policy and J. Christian Adams, President and General Counsel of…
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To sign up for updates or to be notified of future events and workshops, please visit our GET INVOLVED page. For other questions or concerns, please contact us by email at or by phone via voice or text to 540.245.1776.