Our Coalition

Americans for Limited Government
The Amistad Project
Critical Political Issues
Election Integrity Groups
Fighting for Liberty & Freedom Together
Grassroots HQ
Liberty Counsel
Virginia Voters Alliance
Potomac Tea Party
Mount Moriah Baptist Church
Virginians for Americans First

Our Objectives


  • Resources, activities, and training.
  • Litigation to work with lawyers and groups bringing forth election related cases in Virginia.
  • Virginia’s electoral boards and registrars.
  • Issue specific coalitions.
  • Key state and federal issue related legislation.



  • Establish a platform to share and find issue related information.
  • Promote the necessity for understanding election law and policy, per the:
    • Code of Virginia Title 24.2. Elections
    • GREB (General Registrar and Electoral Board) Handbook


  • Audit voter registration lists
  • Prevent vote trafficking (ballot harvesting)
  • Verify citizenship of voters.
  • Allow election observers complete access to the election process.
  • Require voter ID.
  • Limit absentee ballots
  • Secure paper ballots (watermark ballots)
  • Discontinue same-day and automatic voter registration.
  • Reject private funding of official election agencies and operations.



  • Identify individuals willing to serve as election staff and/or poll workers.
  • Provide or assist with training for individuals willing to serve as poll watchers and challengers.
  • Assist in efforts to ensure Election Officer representation IAW VA Code, place the maximum allowable poll watchers, deploy all needed poll workers.