Workshop: 08.17.2022: Election Officer & Poll Watcher Training Workshop

The Virginia Fair Elections (VFE) Coalition is hosting a series of election integrity workshops once a week via Zoom. This week we will begin repeating the cycle of trainings we started in June, using recordings of the previous Zoom meetings with one or more facilitators on the call to answer questions. Our goal is to continue to provide practical training for election integrity task force leaders and volunteers.

Wednesday night’s Zoom training on August 17th at 7PM will focus on the processes and operation of the Central Absentee Precinct (CAP). The counting and tabulation of absentee ballots in the CAP is one of the most important functions in a locality leading up to Election Day.

Presentation and Q&A by Dr. Clara Belle Wheeler.



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Future Training Modules
Each Wednesday night training will cover a different topic. Future training modules may include:

  • Pertinent code sections
  • What is ” the canvass”, what happens there, how and why is it conducted?
  • Logic and Accuracy observation
  • Drop boxes and required surveillance and chain of custody processes
  • An overview of DOE guidance documents and processes
  • Review of Virginia election-related legislation (2020-2022)
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